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AOC G2790PX – HD Gaming Monitor

AOC G2790PX – HD Gaming Monitor

The AOC G2790PX is a virtually borderless gaming monitor that has a very fast response time and high speed ring verve. The Full HD screen offers high image quality and sharpness. These 27 inch monitor with a screen diagonal of 69 cm a stroke larger than an average 24-inch monitor (61 cm). This monitor is pivotable, rotatable and adjustable in height through which you may adapt the position of the monitor for every situation. And with four USB 3.0 ports, it is possible to connect a mouse, keyboard or other device directly to the monitor.

Made for gamers
Thanks to the fast response of 1 ms and high refresh rate of 144 Hz you do not suffer from motion blur and ghosting. Ideal for displaying rapid movements, such as shooters or racing games. The monitor also features built-in speakers and a HDMI connection. Handy if you want to connect the monitor to your PlayStation or Xbox. This model also supports Free Sync, which ensures that the refresh rate and the number of frames per second (FPS) in synchronism. This ensures that the image runs smoother without you start experiencing the image jumps (also known as tearing).

Our expert recommends this monitor:
Gaming: is suitable for playing the latest games.
watch movies and series in HD: thanks to Full HD resolution you can view movies and series in high quality

Also good to use for:.
Daily use: this monitor is suitable for surfing, emailing and word processing.

• HDMI HML (2x)

• VGA • DisplayPort
• USB 3.0 (4x) < br />
Standard included

• HDMI cable • DisplayPort cable
• USB 3.0 cable

< h3> Good to know – Please note:
• to use Free Sync is a AMD
requires video card • to use 144 Hz. connect your monitor via the DisplayPort .

the image below gives you a clear idea about the size of the monitor. The picture shown is illustrative and the sizes of the screen (not including foot and perimeter).