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Cisco Meraki MS410-16 Managed Layer 3 Switch, 1U, Gray

Cisco Meraki MS410-16 Managed L3 Gray 1U

Cisco Meraki MS410-16 Managed L3 Gray 1U is a cost-effective and powerful Layer 3 switch designed for enterprise networks. It is a 1U rack-mountable switch that provides 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 4 10Gigabit Ethernet ports. The MS410-16 is a managed switch that provides advanced Layer 3 routing capabilities and features such as Dynamic Routing Protocols, Quality of Service, and IPv6 support. It also offers a wide range of security features, including MAC-based filtering, port security, and access control lists.

The MS410-16 is powered by a dual-core ARM processor and has a total switching capacity of 128Gbps. This switch is designed to be energy efficient, with a power consumption of only 4.5W per port. It also supports link aggregation and can be used to create high-speed uplinks and trunk links. The MS410-16 is also equipped with a variety of management features, such as an intuitive web-based GUI, an SNMPv3-based management system, and an API for integration with third-party applications.

The MS410-16 is designed for networks that require high performance, scalability, and reliability. It is ideal for enterprise networks that need to support multiple VLANs, VoIP, and video streaming applications. With its advanced Layer 3 routing capabilities and comprehensive security features, the MS410-16 is an ideal choice for any enterprise network. It is also backed by Cisco’s world-class support and warranty, ensuring that customers get the best possible experience with their network solution.