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Dell Latitude E6440 Refurbished -Laptop – 14 Inch

Dell Latitude E6440 Refurbished -Laptop – 14 Inch

Average / daily use: Using the internet, email and word processing ✔
Study: Reports compiled in Word and Powerpoint presentations in *
Movies and watch series: Via example Youtube, Netflix, etc. ✔
hobby moderate edit photos: Suitable for hobby work, for example, your vacation photos.

Pros: Refurbished Dell E6440:
+ Good for the environment: Choosing refurbished is very good for the environment
+ Good for your wallet: a refurbished laptop is a lot cheaper than a new
+ has SSD. This Dell features a 120GB SSD making it feel quick and fast startup.

– Gaming: has no video card that is capable of playing the latest / graphic games or professional video and editing
– format:. The 14-inch screen is a nice size, but these laptops are solidly built and thus slightly thicker and heavier than the average laptop.

Learn more about the Dell Laptop:
Dell Latitude E6440 is a great entry level laptop. Has a good Intel Core i5-4200 processor with 4GB of RAM. This makes the laptop suitable for the average and daily use. Modern programs and applications can run you well and feels smooth to the laptop. The SSD can boot the laptop will be smooth and the average daily use thick satisfied with this laptop.

The 14-inch display is a nice compact size and the notebook is very solidly built. This make sure you have a reliable laptop. The only downside is that the laptop a little heavier than an average laptop. Furthermore, this laptop include USB ports and HDMI

Greenchoice Refurb:.
A Green Choice Refurb product have a refurbished product the certainty Technically 100% is good and has been tested in great detail. Cosmetically, these products are as good as new, so you have minimal to no visible traces of use and you are provided with the latest software incl. The latest updates.

A Green Choice Refurb product is sustainably refurbished . Installed and tested in renewable energy and packaged in environmentally friendly packaging. This is completely recyclable and there is no extra packaging required by the use of a special film. The box can directly at the paper and bearing the FSC label and Resy

Good to know:.

✔ 14 inch laptop ✔ Intel Core i5-4200 processor with 4GB
✔ Quick start thanks to the 120GB SSD
✔ cosmetic as good as new: there may be slight traces of users present
✔ Ready for Windows 10
✔ The memory of this laptop is expandable
✔ this laptop is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard

* Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & PowerPoint) package is not standard. Benefit from our Office 365 bundle and get right to work!