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devolo Magic 2 WiFi – WiFi Powerline – Multiroom WiFi kit – 3 pieces – EN

devolo Magic 2 WiFi – WiFi Powerline – Multiroom WiFi kit – 3 pieces – EN

This devolo Magic 2 wifi kit consists of one main and two additional adapter WiFi adapters. Just like a normal powerline kit, the Magic series uses your current network to send the signal to. This allows you create one large WiFi network throughout your home, without having to pull your extra cables. Because the Magic series using Mesh technology adapters communicate with each other. So your mobile devices are automatically connected to the fastest access. This you do not manually switch from wifi ‘top’ for Wi ‘down’.

NOTE: A powerline kit improves your wifi not, it reinforces it alone. If you feel you somewhere not reach you when you insert an adapter or have to reach that spot. You will not therefore have faster wifi than you have now when you’re in range of your router.

This set is ideal for intensive Internet

Light Speed: 2400 Mbps

This is the potential rate at which the different adapters together using your current network. 2400 Mbps is ideal for intensive internet use. These include:

– browsing

– stream 4K

– Online gaming (even in VR)

– Sending large files

– Smart Home – applications

Speed ​​Wifi total: 1200 Mbps

300 Mbps in 2.4Ghz band

867 Mbps on 5 GHz band

< p> Gigabit wired connection

Every wiFi powerline adapter also has two LAN connectors. For example, you can get a desktop PC, PlayStation / Xbox or NAS connected via a cable. The Gigabit ports secure a high speed.

Tips from our expert

Insert the adapter into a power strip. Here they work less well than in a grounded outlet

Place the adapters also not an ungrounded outlet. This powerline needs the grounding of an outlet to reach the high speeds via the mains