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HP 15s-eq1707nd – Laptop – 15.6 inches

HP 15s-eq1707nd – Laptop – 15.6 inches

The HP 15s-eq1707nd laptop is suitable for watching your favorite movies and series. This laptop is very fast thanks to the fast processor and SSD. Thanks to the anti-glare screen work you comfortable in bright environments.

Our expert recommends this laptop for:
AOE “Daily use: this laptop is suitable for surfing, emailing and word processing.
AOE “Study: reports working in Word and Powerpoint presentations into
AOE.” Films and series watch in Full HD screen has a high image quality for viewing your movies and series

This laptop is not recommended for:
âœ- editing systems such as Photoshop: the processor is not fast enough for this. We recommend at least a i7 processor and a separate graphics card.
âœ- Video Editing: this laptop does not have a separate graphics card.
âœ- Gaming: does not have the features for playing the latest games.

The AMD 3020e processor offers sufficient speed for everyday use. The 4 GB of RAM is sufficient for everyday use. The SSD makes the laptop is started within 30 seconds. In addition, an SSD operates completely silently and is more reliable than a traditional hard drive. A 15.6-inch offers a lot of space on the screen. The Full HD screen ensures sharpness of your pictures and videos.

â “¹ Good to know – This laptop is equipped with Windows 10 S. It is available free of charge to switch to Windows 10 Home.
– The housing is made of Plastic
– This laptop is not equipped with a DVD / CD player
– This laptop is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard