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Logon 26U Rack 600kg Load Capacity, Black RSL26U81BL Standing Rack

LOGON RSL26U81BL standing rack 26U rack 600kg Black

The LOGON RSL26U81BL standing rack is a heavy-duty storage solution designed to provide reliable and secure storage for your valuable equipment and components. This rack features a robust steel construction that is capable of supporting up to 600kg of weight, making it an ideal choice for larger, heavier items. The black finish ensures that the rack will fit in with any existing décor, making it suitable for a wide variety of environments.

The LOGON RSL26U81BL standing rack is a 26U rack, meaning it can accommodate up to 26 units of standard 19-inch rack-mountable equipment. The rack has a total height of 2.1m, with an adjustable depth of up to 600mm and a width of 600mm. This allows for plenty of space and flexibility when it comes to organizing your equipment, while still providing a sturdy and secure storage solution.

The LOGON RSL26U81BL standing rack features an adjustable mounting system that is designed to accommodate a variety of mounting solutions, including wall-mount, floor-mount, and ceiling-mount. This allows for maximum versatility when it comes to where the rack can be placed. Additionally, the rack has a cable management system that helps to keep your cables organized and out of the way.

The LOGON RSL26U81BL standing rack is designed for easy installation and maintenance. The rack includes adjustable feet that can be adjusted to the desired height, and the included mounting hardware makes installation simple and straightforward. The rack also features an anti-tilt system, which helps to keep your equipment secure and stable.

Overall, the LOGON RSL26U81BL standing rack is a great storage solution for any environment. Its robust construction, adjustable mounting system, and cable management system make it an ideal choice for storing and organizing your equipment. With its black finish, it will fit in with any existing décor, while its 600kg weight capacity makes it suitable for larger, heavier items.