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Optoma UHD65 2160p (3840×2160) DLP Desktop Projector, 2200 ANSI Lumens,

UHD65 Optoma projector / Projector 2200 ANSI lumens DLP 2160p (3840×2160) Desktop Projector Black

The Optoma UHD65 projector is a desktop projector that offers a stunning 2160p (3840×2160) resolution, providing an immersive and detailed viewing experience. This projector offers a powerful 2200 ANSI lumens brightness, making it suitable for use in larger rooms. It also features a contrast ratio of up to 1,000,000:1, which ensures that images are sharp and vibrant. The UHD65 projector also has a wide array of ports, including two HDMI ports, one VGA port, one USB port, and one audio output port.

The Optoma UHD65 projector is designed to provide a superior viewing experience. It is equipped with Texas Instruments’ DLP technology, which utilizes a single chip to project images with precise color accuracy and sharpness. This projector also features a six-segment color wheel, which helps to enhance the color accuracy and improve the overall image quality. Additionally, the UHD65 projector is 3D-ready, allowing you to enjoy 3D content from a variety of sources.

The Optoma UHD65 projector is easy to set up and use. It has a simple user interface and comes with a full-function remote control, which allows you to easily adjust the projector’s settings. Additionally, the UHD65 projector is compatible with most popular streaming devices, such as Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku. This allows you to stream content directly to the projector.

The Optoma UHD65 projector is a powerful and reliable projector that is ideal for home theater use. It offers a bright 2200 ANSI lumens brightness, a high contrast ratio, and precise color accuracy. Additionally, this projector is 3D-ready and is compatible with popular streaming devices. With its simple user interface and full-function remote control, the Optoma UHD65 projector is a great choice for creating a stunning home theater experience.