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Western Digital UltraStar HE10 3.5″ 10TB SATA III

Western Digital UltraStar HE10 3.5 ” 10 000 GB SATA III

The Western Digital UltraStar HE10 3.5’’ 10,000 GB SATA III is a powerful hard drive designed for the most demanding enterprise applications. With its 10 TB capacity, this hard drive provides ample storage for large amounts of data. It features a SATA III interface that is capable of transferring data at speeds up to 6 Gb/s. This hard drive also features a dual-stage actuator, which provides improved positional accuracy and a rotational vibration sensor, which helps minimize vibration and noise.

The UltraStar HE10 is designed to be reliable and durable. It features a 5-year limited warranty and a 2 million hour MTBF rating. This hard drive also features advanced technologies such as Enhanced Error Correction Code (ECC) and Advanced Format Technology. ECC provides improved data integrity and Advanced Format Technology helps to optimize the drive’s performance.

The UltraStar HE10 is designed to be energy efficient. It features a low power consumption of 6.4W, which helps to reduce energy costs. It also features advanced power-saving technologies such as IntelliSeek and IntelliPower. IntelliSeek helps to reduce power consumption by optimizing the seek speed of the drive and IntelliPower helps to balance the speed of the drive with the power consumption.

The UltraStar HE10 is designed to be easy to use. It features a SATA power connector and a SATA data connector, which makes installation and configuration easy. It also features a server-ready design, which makes it compatible with most server systems.

The UltraStar HE10 is an ideal hard drive for enterprise applications. With its 10 TB capacity, reliable design, energy efficiency, and easy installation, it is an excellent choice for businesses that need a reliable and powerful storage solution.