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Xerox RoHS-Compliant FACI Cabinet Option Kit with Console, Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse

Xerox FACI cabinet option kit (RoHS) (console, monitor, keyboard, and mouse)

The Xerox FACI Cabinet Option Kit (RoHS) provides an efficient and reliable way to manage your office space. This kit includes a console, monitor, keyboard, and mouse, so you can quickly and easily set up your workstation. The console is designed with a sleek and modern look with a black finish, making it a stylish addition to any workspace. It features a spacious interior with plenty of room to store your equipment and documents. The console also includes a lockable door for added security.

The included monitor is a full HD, 1920×1080 resolution display with a wide viewing angle and a bright LED backlight. It is equipped with a VGA and HDMI port, allowing you to connect to multiple devices. The monitor also features a low-power consumption mode, so you can save energy while working.

The keyboard and mouse included in the kit are both ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and productivity. The keyboard is a full-size keyboard with a quiet membrane design, so you can type without disturbing your colleagues. The mouse is a high-precision optical mouse with a smooth scroll wheel, so you can easily navigate through documents and webpages.

The Xerox FACI Cabinet Option Kit (RoHS) is a great choice for any office or workspace. It is designed with quality and reliability in mind and is RoHS compliant, so you can be sure it meets the highest standards of safety and environmental protection. With the included console, monitor, keyboard, and mouse, you can easily create a comfortable and productive workstation.