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Zebra MC3300 Premium+ Barcode Scanner with 1D, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, Numeric Keypad,

Zebra MC3300 Premium +, 1D, BT, Wi-Fi, NFC, Func. Num., IST, PTT, Android

The Zebra MC3300 Premium+ is a next-generation mobile computer designed to help you work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. This handheld device offers a range of features and capabilities to help you get the job done quickly and accurately. It has a 1D barcode scanner, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, and a functional numeric keypad. It also comes with an integrated scanner that supports 1D and 2D barcodes. The device also features an IST (Image Sensor Technology) for scanning documents and photos, as well as a PTT (Push-to-Talk) for voice communication. Additionally, the MC3300 Premium+ runs on the Android operating system, giving you access to a wide range of apps and features.

The Zebra MC3300 Premium+ is designed to be rugged and reliable, with an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance. The device also features a 4.3-inch multi-touch display, making it easy to use. It also has a long-lasting battery life, allowing you to work without worrying about running out of power. The device also has a range of accessories available, such as a hand strap, belt clip, and shoulder strap, making it easy to carry.

The MC3300 Premium+ is designed to be secure, with support for encryption, authentication, and data protection. It also features an integrated fingerprint reader for added security. Additionally, the device is compatible with a range of Zebra software solutions, allowing you to customize the device to your specific needs.

The Zebra MC3300 Premium+ is the perfect device for businesses that need a reliable and secure mobile computer. With its range of features and capabilities, it is sure to help you get the job done quickly and accurately.