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Zebra MC3300 Premium 2D Scanner with SE4770 Imager, Bluetooth, WLAN, NFC, Numeric Keypad

Zebra Premium MC3300, 2D, SR, SE4770, BT, WLAN, NFC, Num., IST, PTT, Android

The Zebra Premium MC3300 is the ultimate mobile computer for businesses that require a reliable and efficient device for data collection. This device is packed with features that make it the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications.

The MC3300 features a 2D imager with a SE4770 scanner engine for fast and accurate scanning of barcodes. It also includes Bluetooth, WLAN, and NFC connectivity for easy communication with other devices. It also has a numeric keypad and an integrated stylus for easy data entry.

The MC3300 runs on the Android operating system, giving it access to a wide range of applications and features. It also includes Instant Status technology, which allows users to quickly check the status of their device and its connectivity. It also has Push-to-Talk technology, which allows users to communicate with other devices without the need for a separate radio.

The MC3300 is designed to be extremely durable, with a rugged housing that is designed to withstand drops and impacts. It also has a long-lasting battery life, allowing users to work for longer periods of time without needing to recharge.

Overall, the Zebra Premium MC3300 is an ideal choice for businesses that need a reliable and efficient device for data collection. With its advanced features, long-lasting battery life, and rugged construction, the MC3300 is sure to provide businesses with the perfect solution for their data collection needs.