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Zebra MC9200 Premium 2D Barcode Scanner with Bluetooth, WLAN, 5250 Emulation, Gun Grip, Display,

Zebra Premium MC9200, 2D, BT, WLAN, 5250 Emu., Gun, disp., RFID, IST, WEC 7

The Zebra Premium MC9200 is an advanced mobile computer designed for a variety of applications in the retail, manufacturing, and transportation industries. This device is equipped with a 2D imager, Bluetooth, WLAN, 5250 emulation, gun grip, display, RFID, Intermec SmartSystems, and Windows Embedded Compact 7.

The MC9200 is a powerful device that offers advanced data capture capabilities. Its 2D imager allows users to capture barcodes with ease, while its Bluetooth and WLAN capabilities enable users to connect to a variety of peripherals and networks. The device also features a gun grip, which provides a comfortable and secure grip for users. The display offers a clear view of the data being captured, making it easier for users to read barcodes.

The MC9200 also includes RFID technology, which allows users to capture and track RFID tags. This technology is beneficial for applications such as inventory management, asset tracking, and more. The device is also compatible with Intermec SmartSystems, which provides users with access to a wide range of applications and services. Finally, the device runs on Windows Embedded Compact 7, which provides a secure and reliable operating system for the device.

Overall, the Zebra Premium MC9200 is an advanced mobile computer that is perfect for a variety of applications in retail, manufacturing, and transportation. Its powerful data capture capabilities, RFID technology, and compatibility with Intermec SmartSystems make it an ideal choice for businesses looking for a reliable and secure device.